My L.I.F.E Journey with Dr. Brigitte Hynes-Taylor

On January 1, 2016 I will starting a new clean eating program! I am so excited to be able to participate in Brigitte’s 31 day “Refresh” program.  I will post daily about my progress and share all the wonderful things I am doing.

Today I am altering a 3 ring binder to keep all my written information from Brigitte in and then going out grocery shopping.

Brigitte is available either in person or via the internet to help you reach your goals and learn how easy clean eating can be.  Please visit her Facebook page here


January 1, 2016

Day One of clean eating.  I had worked myself up to doing this because I have Lupus and Sjogren’s Syndrome, the medications I take have caused a significant weight gain.  I am usually around 135lbs but I jumped up to 165lbs.  I am only 5’1″ so this extra weight feels awful!  Besides a healthier weight clean eating can also help with my autoimmune symptoms.  This is not a diet! This is not a fad! It is a choice to eat better with less chemicals and junk.  I had a lot of fun today making some new recipes and loved the flavours!  Brigitte provides a variety of recipes for meals as well as smoothies and infused water.  My infused water for the day was strawberry and lemon…. AWESOME!!!!  I feel great!


January 2, 2016

I had a “nope” day, my lupus was acting up and I wasn’t able to move very much however I did stick with my eating plan and the water intake.  Still feeling very optimistic about my success with the 30 day program.

January 3, 2016

Tried wilted greens for the first time and really enjoyed them! I paired it with salmon and had a good feast for dinner. I’m finding myself to be more mindful, tonight making dinner I was constantly bringing my mind to what each ingredient of the dish and what it does for my body. Everyday I receive an email from Brigitte, giving encouragement and different challenges, I love that part, it keeps me accountable for my own success


January 5, 2016

I don’t understand why people make such a big deal about change, it is inevitable and some changes are so good for us and yet we miss them.  Yesterday I kept asking myself why I waited so long to try something like this and the answer that kept coming back was fear.  Fear of having to give something up or not wanting too.  I have found this system easy to follow and use.  I love my daily emails, encouraging me to keep going.  I think I have underestimated and my ability to reach my goal of a healthier body.  Today I brought yoga back into my life as a daily practice, each morning for one hour I will practice a vinyasa flow, then on to my daily meditation to help set and affirm the intention for the day.  My new mantra for the week is “I will not allow fear to dictate my life”

January 9, 2016

I made my first week and lost 41/2 pounds, I’m happy with that, I’m loving the new recipes and challenging myself to be more active. The only part of this I am struggling with is being accountable to myself, its so easy to say I’ll do it later and push exercising aside. I enjoy group activities so much more, it may be time to join a class.

January 12, 2016

I made the first 10 days, yay!!!!! I have discovered I actually enjoy eating wilted greens and drinking infused water, I look forward to trying all the new recipes in this program and feeling awesome!!!

January 13, 2016

Did you know it takes 30 days to fully integrate a new routine or pattern in your life?  Got 30 days?  This is one kick butt program.  I have discovered I love infused water and eating more whole foods with no chemical processing.  I am not going without, I am filling up on what is more important.  I love the way I feel.  I am lighter in both body and spirit, I didn’t think it was possible but I am more mindful and filled with grace.  My creativity is in overdrive!  I have not been perfect with eating and drinking exactly what is on the menus however I think twice before I make a choice outside of the eating plan.  I have to admit I can’t give up coffee, I love everything about it.  But I am more mindful of how much I consume and I refuse to beat myself up over little oopsies here and there.

January 16, 2016

I have to admit the last couple of days have been challenging for me. There are times when no matter what you, no matter how hard you try life will seem extremely difficult. My computer literally gave out and I lost all my files! I am still completely heart broken over losing my documents, graphics and everything I worked really hard on. My Sjogren’s is acting up, my skin, eyes and nose are so dry and uncomfortable, I have been massaging olive oil into my skin, using soothing eye drops and saline mist, yet its still uncomfortable. Usually this is when I turn to my comfort foods and sweets. Instead I combed over all of the recipes I have been provided with for this program and made some new favourites. I tend to meditate more when I feel overwhelmed, getting my intention for the then reaffirming it again and again. I remind myself why I started this program and all the wonderful things that have happened as a result. This is the daily affirmation I use to ground myself and find my centre when I feel like I am going to give up.
I am one with the universe
Everything I need flows to me and through me
I receive and give love without limit
I am abundant, healthy and balanced
I move in a constant state of gratitude and peace

I wrote that myself several years ago and it still helps me to stay centred and balanced, you are welcome to try it, after each line take a deep breathe and as you exhale allow yourself to let go of any negative feelings. We will always have these days, it is a part of life, how you handle them is the the true “test”.

January 21, 2016

I can’t believe it’s already been 20 days! I have integrated so many wonderful new foods and habits into my life! It’s been a joy to learn and grow. I thoroughly enjoy the daily emails of encouragement and challenges. I received the final food plan for the next 10 days so I’m off to the grocery store!

February 1, 2016

I did it!!! I made it through the whole month and I feel terrific!!!  I am more hydrated, more energetic and best of all…….. I am 8.5lbs lighter!  The surprising part of this program was how economic it was, I honestly thought I would spend more on groceries but by cutting out the processed junk I have actually saved money.  This journey has been mind blowing, the daily emails were encouraging, the affirmations and meditations were heart centered and helped to keep me going.  What’s next?  Easy…. Keep going with my new eating habits and buy a juicer lol!