Are you living your Reiki?

Are you Living your Reiki?

Many moons ago when I was a student of Reiki, my teacher asked me if I was ready to commit to the idea of living Reiki.  She taught me Reiki is more than a system of healing, the tenets are to be taken seriously and more than just doing, it is BEING.  It is incorporating the tenets into your life.  Reiki, like yoga for example, is not something you simply DO it is something you ARE.

The Tenets of Reiki:

Just for Today, I will not Anger:  Anger creates blocks, both physical and emotional.  Just breathe, no matter what is happening, don’t react.  Breathe and use the mantra, “ I am stronger than______”.  When you breathe through the problem, you can find resolution.  Nothing is worth giving up your personal power.

Just for Today, I will not Worry:  Where anger deals with past and present problems, worry deals in the future.  You are stronger than that and you can find solutions.  Worry is borrowing problems you don’t need.  Meditate, breathe, make a plan but don’t use up all of your time worrying about what may happen or you’ll miss the beauty of what is happening right now.

Just for Today, I will be Grateful:  Smile, say Thank you, say Please and Forgive.  When you show you are grateful for all you have, you are not tying yourself to the anger and worry of what you don’t have.  When you focus on the good then more good will come.

Just for Today, I will do my work Honestly:  Live a life of honour, do work you enjoy or pick up a hobby that makes you smile.  When you do this, you bring honour to yourself and everyone around you.  We may not all love our jobs but we can work hard and reap the benefits.

Just for Today, I will be Kind to every living thing:  You reap what you sow, be kind and it will be returned.  Live today in a state of Grace, Faith and Love.

Even if you’re not a practitioner of Reiki, you can employ all the principles into your life.  They are beautiful words to live by, it is not difficult to BECOME Reiki.