The Beginnings of a Book of Shadows

by Sheri

Awhile back a good friend asked me to make her a special book for all her mysteries and secrets.  I have found the perfect download, took it to Staples and had it laser printed.  Now I am getting ready to start the process of aging paper, making covers and building pages.

I purchased the kit from Screech Owl Studio on Etsy and I love Yvonne’s use of imagery.  The picture below is actually 2 kits, Book of Shadows and Rooks and Ravens.  I am combining the two kits for the first book I am making.

The second book will be from Yvonne’s Celtic Book of Shadows printable kit, I am doing this one in a more shabby chic way.  Lots of bling and lace!  Look at how beautiful these pages are!

photo 1.JPG1

photo 2.JPG2

How exciting! I am off to tea dye parchment paper!

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