Mindfulness for Kids of all Ages

by Sheri


I have been putting together some awesome workshops for kids and adults.  Teaching children about mindfulness and meditation at an early can help them deal with stresses, peer pressure and understanding the world around them.

Stay tuned for updates, I am really excited about these programs.  They will be available in my area Sarnia/Lambton in person and I will also be offering some online workshops for parents.

The focus will be heart centered mindfulness and exploring this through creative activities as well as meditation.

I participated in a Kids in the Kitchen day back in February.  The group prepared a healthy snack, participated in a POUND class and I did a salt dough tickle monster with the group.  This little guy was created by McLayne, she was my special helper for the day, assisting the younger kids and handing out materials.  I just love the way her little guy turned out! Super Job!


tickle monster