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Month: December, 2015

So Glad I Am Back!

I have been working on the blog all morning so this will short and sweet! Please check out my new pages and feel free to contact me with any questions.

There is going to be tons of awesomeness this coming year.  I am partnering with other holistic practitioners to bring workshops both online and in person as well as planning some retreats!!!! 2016 promises to be enlightening, fun and super charged!

I write for The Magic Happens Now and if you haven’t heard about some the events they are hosting here they are:

Do you long for peace on earth in 2016?

Beginning at 12 am January 1st in Sydney Australia and straight through to 12 am January 2. New York time, we will be hosting a meditation for peace on earth for one entire day on The Magic Happens Radio Network at

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari (Baba) and Peter Grun McCarthy have each create a beautiful 45 minute guided meditation directed at creating a more peaceful planet. Each meditation will begin at the beginning of the hour, first one and then the other – alternating for 24 hours.

Pick any hour or two or more to participate when you have the time.

Join us, and then come to The Magic Happens Magazine facebook page and post your location and picture so we can all see each other and share in this peace building event.

Studies conducted in 1983 indicated that as little as one percent of a mass population practicing unified forms of peaceful prayer and meditation was enough to reduce crime rates, accidents, and suicides.

Do you think we could get 1% of earth’s population to meditate with us? Imagine the potential of having thousands of people working together to create that peaceful vibration over an extended period of time.

Join us, be one of the 1%. We and the planet will all benefit!

It’s the event of the year!
And it’s FREE!!


Like the facebook page for other events coming up!

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