Life is Like a Jar of Peanut Butter

by Sheri


I was trying to come up with something witty or poetic for this post.  I kept asking myself, if I could compare my life to something what would it be.  The only thing that kept popping up was peanut butter.

So I thought I was hungry, grabbed a spoon and dug into my jar of creamy peanut butter.  You should understand, I love the stuff, I personally think it should be an official food group all on its own.  I sat there, spoon in hand, trying to come up with the perfect words and all I could think about was this spoon of peanut butter.  Then it dawned on me…..

On it’s own, peanut butter is both sweet and salty.  Life is like that.  If you spread it on toast, it melts and takes on a whole new meaning, I’ve felt that melting before.  Depending on what you mix it with, you’re either in heaven or in hell when the heartburn sets in.  I’ve tried jam, bananas, honey, lettuce, sliced cheese, even bacon(hence the reference to heartburn).  But no matter what I have concocted I never want the jar to come to an end.  There are still so many recipes to try.  It smells good and can be a lot of fun to eat.  But if you put too much in your mouth without a drink of milk to chase it, you’ll choke on it’s thickness, I’ve done that too.

I still haven’t found the poetic stanzas or the witty words but I’m still smiling because I have half a jar of ooey gooey goodness left so it’s not half empty but half full.  Always stay on the bright side, always make sure you laugh, eat all the peanut butter in all of its incarnations that you can, live each one to the fullest.  Unless your allergic, then you find an alternative, like apples…so good and so many concoctions.

As I finish typing this, I’m really smiling because I know there is nothing that will keep me from eating another spoonful, I have my milk ready and I’ll double up on the yoga in the morning to help offset the fat content I’ve decided to ingest!

Hmmmm I’m thinking cookies but that is an entirely other post.

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