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Enchanted Forest

I created this lovely abode to enchant and delight!  I made a short video walk thru for you to watch and enjoy.  The paper collection I used is from Ephemera’s Vintage Garden and reminded me Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream, the characters are surreal and a joy to work with.  I lost myself creating this project, naturally moving into a meditative state where the only thing that mattered was this little world.

I made all of the miniatures from art journal bits, sticks, rocks, shells and chipboard. I hope you will enjoy watching this as much as I loved created it!

I apologize for the quality of the video I am learning how to make videos and still very amateurish.  If you want to learn how to create something like let me know! If you live in the Sarnia/Lambton area I would love to show you how to do this.  If you are too far away drop me a line! I’m always up for an online class.

Building A Little World

photo-3.jpg.jpegThe wonderful part of creating is knowing you are building a world the way you “see” it. My creative process starts in my mind, goes into my journal then is brought to life.

I love creating miniature worlds, they are a reflection of who I am, in the places of myself I don’t readily share with anyone. All of us have a secret self, through art we can safely share those secrets.

Be creative, try something new, find your passion but most of express your secret self, there is a lot of wisdom that comes with being completely open.

Here are a couple of pieces I created today using metal fikigrees, wire, chipboard and sticks. I hope they inspire you


Being Inspired by Fairies

Here is a little project I started working on just after Christmas.  Once it’s done I may do a tutorial for the Fairy House and furniture.  It’s so much fun to walk around in nature and collect the items to make this.  Some of the items, like the beach glass I used are from a trip to the beach last summer!  Creating homes for the Fairies around my house is a joy and I hope this inspires you to give it a try.  It’s also a wonderful craft to do with your children!  The wee bed is made from driftwood and embellished with beach glass, feathers, lace and flowers.  I made the fireplace from cardboard left over from the construction of the house and river stones.

There is something magickal about a house like this, it’s easy to get caught up in the process of creating and lose track of time. But that’s what fairies do with their glamour, cast a spell so we are happy and unaware of what is happening around us.  Aren’t they fun?

I hope your day has been as deliciously creative as mine!

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Newest Addition of The Magic Happens

I am having a ball writing for this online magazine! It’s such a positive and empowering experience.  There are so many talented writers and tons of great information!  It’s free to subscribe, please have a look

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So Glad I Am Back!

I have been working on the blog all morning so this will short and sweet! Please check out my new pages and feel free to contact me with any questions.

There is going to be tons of awesomeness this coming year.  I am partnering with other holistic practitioners to bring workshops both online and in person as well as planning some retreats!!!! 2016 promises to be enlightening, fun and super charged!

I write for The Magic Happens Now and if you haven’t heard about some the events they are hosting here they are:

Do you long for peace on earth in 2016?

Beginning at 12 am January 1st in Sydney Australia and straight through to 12 am January 2. New York time, we will be hosting a meditation for peace on earth for one entire day on The Magic Happens Radio Network at

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari (Baba) and Peter Grun McCarthy have each create a beautiful 45 minute guided meditation directed at creating a more peaceful planet. Each meditation will begin at the beginning of the hour, first one and then the other – alternating for 24 hours.

Pick any hour or two or more to participate when you have the time.

Join us, and then come to The Magic Happens Magazine facebook page and post your location and picture so we can all see each other and share in this peace building event.

Studies conducted in 1983 indicated that as little as one percent of a mass population practicing unified forms of peaceful prayer and meditation was enough to reduce crime rates, accidents, and suicides.

Do you think we could get 1% of earth’s population to meditate with us? Imagine the potential of having thousands of people working together to create that peaceful vibration over an extended period of time.

Join us, be one of the 1%. We and the planet will all benefit!

It’s the event of the year!
And it’s FREE!!


Like the facebook page for other events coming up!

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under construction will be back shortly thank you for your patience!

Peaceful Flow Ceremony

I thought it would be fun to share a short ceremony for bringing a peaceful flow to your sacred space.  You don’t have to be an expert or have all of the tools that I am going to mention.  Instead of feathers, you can use your hands.  Instead of smoke(if you are sensitive) use wax melts.  The purpose is to bring your space into balance and assist with giving it a peaceful serene feeling.  If you don’t have a room where you meditate or do ceremony, the bedroom is a great place to start, a good night’s sleep in a thoroughly cleansed bedroom is dreamy!

We are going to raise and move energy to reach a goal.  If you perform any type of energy healing, practice martial arts or yoga or qi gong, magick or prayer, you are already raising energy, giving it a purpose and then releasing.  So you already have the basics for the ceremony.  If this is your first time performing anything like this, I am sure you will find it to be uplifting and you will have a feeling of harmony.  Ready?  Okay let’s get started.

If you are going to follow the ceremony using all the tools, you will need:  your feather, your abalone shell, the medicines(herbs) such as sweet grass, sage and lavender( these are perfect for this ceremony), wooden matches( a lighter is fine too but I prefer the matches) and some alone time so you won’t be disturbed.  Once you have gathered all the tools necessary, sit for a moment in the room you will be working with and connect with the energies, stay open and relaxed, note if you are drawn to a particular corner or piece of furniture, breath normally and let your body relax.

Next awaken your feather, run your thumb and middle finger along the heart line of the feather( the very center of it), gently caressing it, ask the spirit of the feather to join you from its resting place and honour the energies of the feather.  After invoking the spirit of the feather, place the feather over your heart to fully connect with its energies and bring your hearts together to beat in unison.

Start adding the medicines to your shell, first the sweet grass then the lavender and last the sage.  As you are adding each herb, thank the plants spirit for its medicine and assistance.  Always remain thankful and humble, these are powerful energies and deserve your respect.  Once all the medicines are in the shell, invoke the spirit of Mother Earth and Father Sky to watch over and protect you during the ceremony.  Ask that they assist the smoke in carrying and moving the energies to bring peace, serenity and healing.

Then light the pot, starting from the furthest point away from and moving forward.  Watch how the medicines light, as you practice this more, you will become aware of any symbols in the flames and the smoke.  Ask your spirit guides to protect and bless you throughout the ceremony.

Start with a corner in your room away from any doorway, gently wave the feather over the smoke, asking the smoke to transform any negative energies into harmonious healing energies.  Remain humble and reverent to the medicines and the spirits you have invoked.  Move in a clockwise motion around the room, pay attention to the corners and any areas that you felt drawn too while connecting to the room.  Ask Earth Mother to take your prayers of harmony, peace and serenity to the Great Spirit and transform your room into a loving sacred space.

When you reach the doorway, pay a lot of attention to it, ask only love and light to remain and banish any negative energies.  Before ending the ceremony, wave the feather over the smoke toward you, start at your head and surround yourself with the medicines, bathe in the sacred smoke.  Ask that the smoke cleanse your eyes, ears and mouth so that you can see more clearly, hear for your highest good and speak from your heart.

Take the pot outside and give the medicines back to Mother Earth, thank Mother and Father Sky for being with you, thank your spirit guides, your feather and your pot(shell) for assisting you and lastly thank the spirit of the medicines for cleansing and healing you.

Once you have finished be sure to have a drink of water and something small to eat to help ground yourself.  I sincerely hope you enjoy this simple yet elegant and powerful ceremony.

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The Benefits of Sacred Smudging

smudge pot

Sacred Smudging is a spiritual ceremony dedicated to cleansing your personal space, mind and body.  Numerous religions practice it and the tools used can vary from one tradition to the next.  I use an abalone shell with my feather wand.  To give my sacred space a good “cleaning” I use sweet grass, white sage and sacred tobacco.  Depending on the work I am doing, I will change up the herbs used and will also employ lavender, rose petals, yerba santa, frankincense, myrrh and copal, to name a few.

Before I cleanse a room(s), I cleanse myself by dry bathing in the smoke.  I use my feather wand to direct the smoke, using your hands is fine too.  You can also simply light a stick of incense and “wash” yourself then cleanse your room(s).

The ceremony itself can be as elaborate as you wish.  Once a month I go all out, I set up my altar, light candles, put on David Hickey, invoke the four directions and break out the shell and feather wand.  I cleanse myself and the entire house, making sure I get the corners, behind furniture etc., anywhere energy can sit and become stale.  Daily before my yoga practice, I light some incense and dry bathe myself and let the incense burn for about 10 minutes.

Some of the benefits of smudging yourself and your space are:

Clarity, Grounding, feeling one with the Universe, Promotes Release, Prepares for Forgiveness, Brings the Chakras into Balance, Facilitates connection with the Higher Self, Allows a feeling of being in the Present, Removes blockages, Joy, Peace, Rids your space of any negative energies, Promotes a general state of calm, Creates Sacred Space, Makes the space feel more Welcoming and Removes energy left behind by others.  This is not an exhaustive list they are many more benefits to you and your family.

The extra added bonus is that your sacred space will smell amazing!

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Meanwhile over at Wings of Whimsy…..

My new friend, Gunnvor Karita over at, asked me to guest post on her blog today……it turned out to be phenomenal experience.

Not only did I make a new friend but I got to share my passion for Victoriana.  This evening I’m working on a beautiful craft using the Love Circus I downloaded from Wings of Whimsy,  it is going to make a lovely centrepiece for my dining room table.

Whether you’re feeling crafty or looking for inspiration, Gunnvor has a breathtaking site filled with gorgeous projects and graphics.  The bonus is she is an absolute doll and I am grateful to have met her and collaborated on a post!

Life is Like a Jar of Peanut Butter


I was trying to come up with something witty or poetic for this post.  I kept asking myself, if I could compare my life to something what would it be.  The only thing that kept popping up was peanut butter.

So I thought I was hungry, grabbed a spoon and dug into my jar of creamy peanut butter.  You should understand, I love the stuff, I personally think it should be an official food group all on its own.  I sat there, spoon in hand, trying to come up with the perfect words and all I could think about was this spoon of peanut butter.  Then it dawned on me…..

On it’s own, peanut butter is both sweet and salty.  Life is like that.  If you spread it on toast, it melts and takes on a whole new meaning, I’ve felt that melting before.  Depending on what you mix it with, you’re either in heaven or in hell when the heartburn sets in.  I’ve tried jam, bananas, honey, lettuce, sliced cheese, even bacon(hence the reference to heartburn).  But no matter what I have concocted I never want the jar to come to an end.  There are still so many recipes to try.  It smells good and can be a lot of fun to eat.  But if you put too much in your mouth without a drink of milk to chase it, you’ll choke on it’s thickness, I’ve done that too.

I still haven’t found the poetic stanzas or the witty words but I’m still smiling because I have half a jar of ooey gooey goodness left so it’s not half empty but half full.  Always stay on the bright side, always make sure you laugh, eat all the peanut butter in all of its incarnations that you can, live each one to the fullest.  Unless your allergic, then you find an alternative, like apples…so good and so many concoctions.

As I finish typing this, I’m really smiling because I know there is nothing that will keep me from eating another spoonful, I have my milk ready and I’ll double up on the yoga in the morning to help offset the fat content I’ve decided to ingest!

Hmmmm I’m thinking cookies but that is an entirely other post.

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